Skills Enhancement Programme

“Do not wait for your ship to come in, row out to meet it”- Unknown 

“A ship in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” John A. Shedd

  • Scrum

    • Scrum for Managers

    • Scrum for Developers

    • Advance Scrum Masters Program

  • Project

    • Project Management Funadamanetals Workshop

    • Prince 2 Certification

  • Agile

    • Agile Basics

    • Agile Backlog Management (includes Estimation and Planning)

    • Managing Agile Projects

  • Human Resource Development Training 

      Specialized  Workshops

    • Environment of a Winning Team 

    • “Planning & Prioritizing” Workshop          

    • “Servant Leadership”  

    • “Stress Management” Workshop 

    • Campus to Corporate

  • Workshop for 5 Basic Interpersonal Skills

    • Communication Skills

    • Time Management : Managing the time of my life

    • Effective Leadership skills

    • Rewarding relationships and networking

    • Presentation Skills

Executives, Managers, Entrepreneurs and Organization Development Workshop 

1. Balancing the Three Legged Stool:  Executives are often challenged by how to introduce change into their organizations.  This two day course helps executives understand change management through the concept of the Three Legged Stool:  People, strategy, execution.  The course covers how to get buy in from their senior leaders regarding organizational changes which will encourage full participation from their employees.

 2. My Team is Driving Me Crazy!:  Two day course focused on changing the mindset of managers.  Primary concern – move from the mindset that they need to MANAGE to the mindset of a leader.  Teaches concepts like:  strength focused coaching, carrots vs. cricket bats, collaboration vs. silo mentality and how to create a healthy environment within an unhealthy culture.

 3. Little Idea – Big Company:  Two day course focused on helping entrepreneurs catapult their business idea into a successful company.

4.Communication Strategies for Improving Team Performance:  Two day course focused on teaching communication strategies that improve team performance.  Concepts include:  strength focused coaching, how to effectively use performance reviews, how often and how much (when do you cross the line from managing to micro-managing), and managing vs. inspiring (how to get your team to buy into a bigger vision which will move the team from waiting to be told what to do – to knowing what to do).

5.Business Success Series:  This tags onto the Little Idea – Big Company course.  It is a 6 day course which occurs over a span of 3 months.  It takes an entrepreneur through a series of classes with homework that must be done in between classes.  There is also coaching that is provided.  The premise of the course is to walk an entrepreneur through planning and execution of a business plan.  This course is effective for new businesses as well as established businesses.

6. I don’t have enough time!:  One day course focused on helping entrepreneurs break the myth of time management and multi-tasking.  Provides practical solutions to getting things done by teaching them to plan effectively under the slogan – Do It Right – Do it Once.